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Wollcom have a variety of services available to our clients, but our main functions can be broken up into the following:

Debt Collection

By taking advantage of Wollcom collection service, you will have time for more pertinent matters, like developing your business. At Wollcom, we escalate pressure on your debtors in a controlled, empathic and professional manner to ensure that your accounts get paid and increasing your cash flow, without affecting your client relationship.

We never rush legal action, but if necessary, our affiliation with Heard McEwan allows the process to start immediately and without unnecessary costs, distinguishing our collection service from others.

Process Serving and Field Calls

Wollcom's reputation has allowed us to compile a national network of trusted agents. Through this, we are able to minimise agent travel time and allowing us to provide you with a cost effective process serving solution.

We ensure that we have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that your high standards are maintained.

Wollcom has available a state of the art electronic system, the reporting service can easily be customised to suit your organisational needs. Whether fax, telephone or email, we will always advise our clients when a document is served.

Wollcom's Process Service ensures the job gets done quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

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