Let Wollcom Increase Your Cash Flow Now!

In this current financial climate, we have been able to assist our clients improve their cash flow by collecting their unpaid accounts earlier. Why not let the expert team at Wollcom Credit Management Services help your business achieve an increase in cash flow?

At Wollcom, we continuously adapt to the changing business environment, offering a compete range of services which means that you only need one provider to meet all of your credit management needs such as collections on late or disputed accounts, process serving and other mercantile agent functions.

We understand that you provide quality services to your customers and you deserve to be paid on time and with minimum fuss. Unfortunately, most businesses will experience some customers who do not pay when expected and it can take up a lot of your valuable time just trying to get the payment you are entitled to. This is where Wollcom can help.

Annual Membership for Online Solutions

In 2007, Wollcom was proud to implement our Online Client Portal. Some of the benefits of becoming a Wollcom Annual Member include access to the Client Portal for unlimited lodgement of debts and a commission free period on any debt lodged with us for the duration of your membership!

For more information regarding membership, click on the "Services" tab above or contact Wollcom for an information pack.

Singular Debt Submissions

If our Annual Membership does not suit you needs, Wollcom are able to provide collection services for one off debts too. All you will need to pay is the administration fee and we will get started on collecting your debt. Commission is only charged when a payment is made by your debtor.

It also helps to know that Wollcom Credit Management Services are a branch of Heard McEwan based in the heart of Wollongong. This means Wollcom have a huge support network when it comes to proceeding with legal action on our matters.

So don't miss out on getting paid! Call Wollcom today on (02) 4254 5245 or e-mail us at info@wollcom.com.au to get an information pack.

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Customers, please note we have upgraded our online client portal.

To gain access to the new system please email info@wollcom.com.au.


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